Thursday, 10 November 2011

november rain,

 Stepping into the streets of Melbourne City on a good day, I see the fashionistas milling around Bourke Street malls, carrying navy blue Zara paper bags, Myer, Forever New or General Pants co. Summer is approaching and brings with it it's uncertainty in the form wind, random chills and rain that we all know and love to hate and complain about. But coming to think about it, Melbourne weather allows us to dress for all seasons in one week which gives more variety for our outfits. Which is one of the positive things about it. One day I'd be in a coat and dark jeans to compliment the weather and the next the sun is out and I'm in a skirt or shorts. That being said, the fashionistas of Melbourne have a great way of dressing for the weather, mixing and matching their pieces of clothing and seamlessly combining two styles or trends into one outfit. From each style of clothing that they self-categorise themselves into, I find one thing that I like and make a note to invest in it. For example, that sophisticated corporate looking girl in her black blazer, with the eye-catching addition of a coloured pencil skirt and waist cinching leopard print belt or the effortless girl in the faded denim shorts and white t-shirt, that being said, there is always and outfit or something that I like from another style, I don't have a particular style that I stick to. I really like to mix it up, even combining styles to keep it interesting. Anyway here are some of my shoes from my shoe closet and some pictures of yesterday morbid looking skies.

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