Tuesday, 8 November 2011

the blue avenue

Today was a hot day but it was cloudy and slightly rainy, but it was quiet humid and made me wish I didn't wear black and stockings. But I wore a top I bought for $1 which is just a simple black swing top, my high-waist shorts come from Wrangler, dark brown buckle boots from an online store and turquoise and gold necklace from Collette Accessories. Tomorrow the weather will be the same sort of greyness along with the humidity. There's a beautiful sort of pub/restaurant across the road from my new campus building on Little Collins St called Saint & Rogue that has this olden sort of feel to it, plus they blast Jazz music like nobody's business, now that's my kind of place. I am on the hunt at the moment for a soy latte that is better than 485 La Trobe Street's Atrium's wonderfully rich tasting coffee courtesy of Vittoria coffee and the gifted method of the barista, but still no luck yet. Went to lunch with Kelli at Oriental Spoon and ordered a beef bento, then went to school, got lost for a bit again along Collins St's historical atmosphere which wasn't too bad. Right now it's a balmy summer evening and Charlie Parker's April in Paris is playing and I'm about to make some green tea to accompany me. Its moments like these that I think life is being good despite the many doubts, worries and happenings that surround me. It all happens so fast, life I mean, sometimes I struggle with it all and just desperately cling onto something to try to obtain some sort of solidity and certainty in my life, to slow it down. I realised that there's not much certainty in life.

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