Tuesday, 27 March 2012

strange days

Life has been interesting and strange lately in terms of it's happenings and I have been preparing for the colder months by buying some winter clothing and staples. Today I bought a new pair of gorgeous boots, similar to my suede ones for a great price and I am so excited to wear them. I now need to buy a new bag and a few knit sweaters, a pair of wet coat tube jeans and I think I am all set. I bought a beautiful beige trenchcoat that will never go out of style, it's gorgeous and I love it and I think I will have many wears with it and there is the leather skirt that I think will be perfect for winter. Last week I found a cute kitten in my backyard in the garden, I thought it was alone but it had it's brothers and sisters and mumma too. Too cute!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Back In Melbourne

For the past five weeks I have been in Vietnam enjoying the hot weather, beaches, food and shopping so that explains the lack of posts. But I am back and it has been two days of being home in Melbourne where I have gotten back to healthy eating and exercise because slacked in Vietnam and ate and ate, but the food was wonderful. Yesterday I bought a lovely crochet skirt for a really good price and today a pair of taupe coloured platform wedges (shows up grey in pictures for some weird reason). Today's outfit was the croceht skirt I bought yesterday, a simple white singlet and Forever New denim jacket with my white Converse.