Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Current Obsessions

1. Maxi Skirts and Dresses: I always put off wearing long skirts as I am pretty short and was afraid of looking like a floating dwarf of some sort. But I tried on a dress not long ago and loved it, I have bought a maxi dress, a leopard print skirt and recently on a bargain a nice black maxi skirt.

2. Ethnic Inspired Jewellery: I absolutely love the colours, detail and the whole cultural feel one can get from jewellery. One piece can just transform the whole feel of an outfit.

3. Colour Palette

4. Minimal meets Classic Design: Love the clean lines, neutral colour palette, fresh feeling and occasional with a touch of classic such as gilded mirrors or detailed architraves and mouldings. A perfect combination of masculinity and femininity. 

5. Overloading bracelets: So pretty for the summer! Love all the colours and especially the beading or detail or really delicate ones.
6. Colour Bloking: I love this trend, so many colours to choose and play with and can look really amazing and a change from my usual colour boring palette.

7. Feather Earrings: They're beautiful and delicate with a bohemian feel to them that I love so much.

8. Clutches: I love all the different colours and textures of clutches, it's a perfect addition to an outfit!


  1. I love the color-blocking and maxi skirts so much!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. A lot of obsessions I wouldn't say no to!! :)


  3. Great post! Love maxis! I'm 5'2 so I know exactly how you feel! hehe