Wednesday, 7 December 2011

lust holds my hand

It has been hot hot hot lately in Melbourne which is a good thing I guess, surely a nice change from it's temperamental conditions. It's nice and sunny and I have quickly developed a tan! I haven't been shopping much, my last purchase was a simple burnt orange coloured dress by Quirky Circus from Myer which I wore today. My days have been interesting, filled with dramas and homework, speaking of homework I really need to start tonight or right now preferably but lately I have been feeling extremely unmotivated to do work which is not good at all. All I want to do is just lie down under a tree with a book and read or sleep or be at a table where all my favourite foods will be on. Next week will be no doubt a hectic one as three assignments will be due in and I have to work others too! Gahhhh!


  1. lucky for you.... winter has officially arrived here in the states (new england), and i am dreading the winter! love your burnt-orange dress, and really loving the photo of you! :)

    have a nice rest of the wk!
    jasmine :)

  2. I cant see anyway of following you. Do you have bloglovin.

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  4. Just found your blog & we love it! Hang in there with all of the homework & keep enjoying your warm weather. Those feather earrings are gorgeous!

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  5. Hey! I love your photos, you have a great eye! Don't procrastinate on homework too much ;P

    I'm now following you! Can't wait to see more posts ^~^

  6. love the dress, i would also like to lie down and sleep and wake up with my fav meal right now too!

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